2023 Season BHS Girls Lacrosse To-Do List:

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  1. Create your required athletic clearance account:

    1. Please have player sport physical completed ASAP, as you cannot participate until medically cleared by physician

  2. Parents and players complete remaining paperwork (with the exception of the Boys and Girls Club forms) at

  3. Sign up for USLacrosse membership at

  4. Obtain mandatory equipment: Cleats, sneakers, mouth guard, stick, Cascade LX women’s lacrosse headgear (preferably black/gray, water bottle

    1. Please reach out to the coaches if you have any questions regarding equipment. (Not all sticks are created equally, and we have some helmets available for sale)


Please download and complete the forms below

2023 Season Forms

To be submitted NO LATER THAN  the first day of tryouts:

1) Player Registration

2) Player Code of Conduct and Contract –  Parent & Player signatures

3) Fine Print Agreement – Parent signature

4)  EL2 (version 3/16) – must be signed by parent, player and physician. Doctor must check “Cleared without

5) EL3 (version 6/21) – be sure to complete “G” on page 1, Parent & Player signatures on all 4 pages

6) Boys and Girls Club Registration– only if you did not register during Fall Ball 2021

Documents to be submitted NO LATER THAN first day of travel:
1)  Parental Field Trip Permission Form
2) Request to Transport Students in Private Vehicle
3) Volunteer registration
4) Players – Certificate verifying that you have viewed the Concussion in Sports, Heat Illness Prevention and Sudden Cardiac Arrest videos found at
To Order from the website – sign in, select Courses, choose the 3 courses required, click View, click Order, click Myself, click Continue. There is no fee.
To View – sign in and from your Dashboard, click My Courses, click Begin Course. Make sure you print the certificate.

*For more information on the FHSAA rules and requirements, please visit their website.

Membership in US Lacrosse is strongly encouraged. Not only do you receive a great monthly magazine, but for your $35 annual registration fee, you also receive supplemental insurance for any lacrosse related injury. Additional resources are available on their website including rules, videos, current lacrosse news, and other items of interest. Please visit their website for more information.