Headgear – REQUIRED

1/26/20 Regarding helmets – the efforts of many people throughout Florida to get the FHSAA to listen to reason, have failed. Helmets are still required and they must comply with new regulations. Helmets must have the designation “ASTM 3137-15 and ASTM 3077-17” on the back. We have placed a bulk order for compliant helmets (the Cascade LX 18)and have gotten a great price from Deep South Lacrosse of $100 ea. The price of helmet stickers will be added to that so anticipate about $110 that you will need to pay at the parent meeting, in addition to fair share fees. And yes, the cost can be paid in installments .. more on that to come. And no … the school will not help with this cost.

Required for spring season play. The specifications have changed resulting in most of our helmets being illegal. We are working with the school on this issue. More to follow.